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  • JavaScript Modules Explained

    If you’ve worked with Node.js or React for any amount of time, you will have come across JavaScript modules. You may also have noticed that there are different ways to create modular code depending on the age or requirements of your codebase. In this article we'll learn what they are and how they work.

  • Sum The Differences Between Array Elements

    In this post we’re going to take on a coding challenge where the objective is to create a function that accepts an array of integers and sums the difference between the consecutive pairs in the array.

  • JavaScript Scope Demystified

    Scope is a core programming concept that can really trip you up when you’re first trying to learn JavaScript. Let's take a look at how it works, step by step.

  • How To Implement Dark Mode In Next.js With Tailwind CSS

    In this guide I’ll break down how to create a dark mode toggle in your Next.js app with the help of Tailwind CSS and next-themes.

  • Generate Twitter Cards From A Next.js Website

    Have a website or app built with Next.js? Want to be able to share your content on Twitter in an eye-catching way? Find out how to use Twitter Cards in Next.js.

  • AJAX Part 4: Loading Data From An External API

    In the previous article we discovered how to load JSON data from a local server using AJAX. In this instalment, we'll explore a more practical example where we'll fetch JSON data from an external API.

  • AJAX Part 3: Loading JSON Data

    In the previous article we discovered how to load text data from a local server using AJAX. In this guide, we'll take a similar approach, this time loading JSON.

  • AJAX Part 2: Loading Plain Text Data

    Now that we've discussed what AJAX is and why it came to be, let's see it in action. As AJAX enables communication between a client and a server, we need to spin up a local server in order to make requests.

  • AJAX Part 1: What Is AJAX?

    This article is the first in a series all about AJAX. In this first guide we'll explore what AJAX is, why it's important, and how you can apply it in your own applications.

  • JavaScript Higher-Order Array Methods

    A number of higher-order array methods were introduced into the JavaScript language with the release of ES6. These methods have helped to shape the way that we work with frameworks like React, making it much easier to manipulate data in arrays.

  • Values And Types In JavaScript

    Before delving into the depths of data in JavaScript, it’s important to note that all programming languages have built-in data structures. However, these data structures often vary in each language. In this post I’ll outline the properties of the built-in data structures in JavaScript.