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    What Is A Computer Port Number?

    Computer ports are pretty important when it comes to sending and receiving data, but what exactly are they, and how do they work? In this guide we’ll take a look underneath the hood of computer ports and networks.

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    Domain Names And DNS

    Once you have a broad understanding of how the internet works, as well as the fundamentals of HTTP, it’s time to take a deeper dive under the hood.

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    Sessions And Cookies

    HTTP is a protocol (a set of conventions) that govern how browsers and servers should interoperate. Often servers return what are known as ‘cookies’ that form part of the HTTP protocol.

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    What Is HTTP?

    Nowadays we've become so accustomed to seeing the little 'http' string in our browser address bars that we barely even notice it. What actually is HTTP anyway? What does it stand for? What does it do, and how did it even come to be? Let's find out...

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    What Is The Internet And How Does It Work?

    Before taking the plunge into any HTML or web development code, it’s important to get at least a broad understanding of how websites and the Internet work. This includes the various methods of accessing websites, the technologies from which they are built and how they are distributed.